To keep your Salt Lake City garage in tip-top shape, regular maintenance is key. Luckily, this checklist makes it easy to keep track of what you need to do to properly maintain your garage door.

Keep things clean

You want to keep your garage clean in order to prevent dust and dirt from being dragged into your home and to deter any kind of pests or rodents from taking up residence in your garage.

  • DAILY:  Sweep away dust and dirt that accumulate in high-traffic areas, and pick up any loose food particles or waste around your trashcan that might attract rodents.
  • WEEKLY: Do a complete sweep of your garage once a week to get rid of any food particles, dust, and dirt.
  • MONTHLY: Completely clean the garage floor to remove any chemicals, grime, or oil that may have accumulated. These cannot only do permanent damage to your garage floor, they can also be a health and safety hazard. In addition to a monthly cleaning, you might also want to do a semi-annual deep clean.

Keep your garage door in good working order

Your garage door is one of the most important parts of your garage, so you want to properly maintain it.

  • YEARLY: Check for any rusting on garage door parts. If you do notice rusting, you will want to replace the parts. Also check to make sure that all of the appropriate parts are sufficiently lubricated.

Keep up on general maintenance

From painting to waterproofing, you want to stay up on the general maintenance of both the interior and exterior of your garage.

  • TWICE A YEAR: Check the walls, floors, and roof for any sign of water damage, and make sure to water-treat as appropriate.
  • BI-ANNUALLY: Paint the interior and exterior of your garage every couple of years to keep it looking good and maintain its waterproof seal.

Keep safety in mind

Keeping your garage safe is a critical component of regular maintenance.

  • MONTHLY: Check to make sure that any fire detectors or carbon monoxide detectors in your garage are in good working order. Also make sure light fixtures are in good working order.
  • YEARLY: Inspect any stairs or railings in your garage to make sure that they are in good working order. Also, be sure to examine any wires or electrical paneling to make sure that there are no problems and that everything is up to code.

By following these simple suggestions, you can keep your garage safe, clean, and well maintained.

Remember to check your garage roof before winter douses it in snow and ice. We have a few simple tips to keep your roof safe and sound.

Of course, if any of your inspections turn up a structural concern, or if you’re just looking to improve your garage, Bonfire Building’s licensed contractors in Salt Lake City are just a call away.