Many homeowners contemplate the idea of building their own garage from scratch, without the help of a professional contractor. Their argument is that it will save money. However, most do not realize the time that it takes to plan, estimate materials costs, find the best prices on wood, metal, and concrete, and actually build the structure.

If you’re considering a new garage, think about the long-term benefits of having an experienced contractor finish the job for you. In the Salt Lake City area, certain factors such as the climate and local building codes go a long way in determining what type of garage will suit your needs. Here are a list of things to remember when planning a new attached or detached garage for your home.

1) Cost Estimates

It’s not very easy to accurately determine the total cost of constructing a garage, even if you are a math whiz. The materials you select may not be available at the price you want, at least not at the local home improvement centers or lumber yards.

Remember too that delays because of weather will drive up the costs and will mean more time lost from pursuing your other activities. On the other hand, contracting a professional means a free, no-obligation cost estimate. It also means using your own design plans to construct final blueprints at an affordable price.

2) Building Codes

In the Salt Lake City area, local building codes may prohibit certain garage styles. Detached garages cannot be over a certain height, and attached garages may have to be built over a thicker concrete base or have additional foundation support. A professional construction company can file for the proper permits on your behalf and save you from the headache of finding out if your design conforms to local regulations.

3) Climate Considerations

Heavy snowfalls in winter means you will want to have a sturdy roof over your garage. Depending on whether you choose an attached or detached style, the roof may become the most expensive part of the building. It is also important to remember the probable heating costs. Having a professional contractor inspect the property means getting accurate estimates on heating costs for each available design.

4) Electrical Wiring

This is another consideration that is often overlooked by homeowners. If you are planning to build a garage, you will want to have it lighted and have an automatic garage door opening system. Can your home’s electrical grid and breaker panel handle the additional load? An experienced contractor can take care of this problem when designing the blueprints.

5) Hundreds Of Available Plans

Instead of trying to design the garage plan from scratch, how about letting the professional contractor show you a huge assortment of plans, each one having alternate exteriors, materials selection, and sizes. In other words, you can still have the design of your dreams without having to draw the whole thing up from scratch.

Although the initial cost of having your garage built by a professional may be a bit higher, the long-term savings are quite evident. Your new garage will also be under warranty against defect or loss of structural integrity, something you won’t be covered for if you build it yourself.