Why should I get a permit when building a garage for my home?

Building a garage for a home that doesn’t have one can increase the home’s value and also provide more storage space. You may see an opportunity to save some money by skipping a building permit, but there are some very valid reasons to get whatever state or local building permit that would be required.

It’s the law
One of the most important reasons to get a building permit for your garage is that your city or state likely requires it. If you don’t get a permit and your local building or code officials find out about your garage later, you could be hit with fines. While you might be able to hide interior renovations to your home, it’s difficult to hide a newly built garage.

Safety reasons
When you get a building permit, it ensures that your garage will be built safely and according to the right specifications. Building inspectors will examine your garage at several different times during its construction to ensure it’s built to the right standards and that things such as electrical wiring and any plumbing are installed correctly. This will ensure that your garage is not going to collapse from shoddy construction or be a fire risk due to improperly installed wiring.

Loans and insurance
Adding a garage to a home that doesn’t have one or building a bigger garage can add to your home’s value, but a lender or insurer may not recognize a garage that doesn’t have a permit. If you build a garage without proper permits, a lender may refuse to include it in the calculation of your home’s value. Also, an insurer might refuse to cover the garage because without a permit, it can’t verify whether the building is safe or not.

Skipping permits for a garage could save you a few hundred dollars, but it also could cause a lot of headaches. It’s better to follow the law and do things properly.

How do you actually obtain that permit? We’ll take care of it for you. Want to look into it yourself? Follow these simple steps.

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