Why It’s Important To Have An On-Site Estimate Before Building a Utah Garage

When it’s time to build a garage, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration. Therefore, as with most building projects, it’s a good idea to get an on-site evaluation and estimate to make sure there are no surprises once construction actually starts.

One of the best reasons to get an on-site estimate is to determine exactly what size the garage will need to be in order to do everything you may want. Will it be a single-story garage that will house one or two vehicles, or will it have a second floor for storage or recreation space? Many times, getting an initial estimate will help determine this may be a more cost-effective measure than purchasing an outbuilding or building extra rooms onto an existing home.

An on-site estimate can also help determine how much it will cost to have the garage look just the way you want. Does it need to be constructed to appear exactly like your house, or will a simple cinder-block structure do? In addition, the estimate can also help decide if the garage will be free-standing or connected to the house. Doors and windows, which can wind up adding a surprising amount of cost to a garage, must also be decided upon during an estimate. How many garage doors, along with entry doors and windows, will be part of the structure?

While answering these questions is very important during an estimate, that meeting will give you the opportunity to ask the Utah garage builder questions about their previous work. Do they have references they can provide? What about any pictures of past garages they’ve built? By having an on-site estimate, you can judge for yourself and get a feel for how this person would work for you and your project.
So while an on-site estimate is always recommended, it is only as good as the questions you ask while it is taking place. However, by knowing beforehand what you expect from your garage, the on-site estimate will be very accurate and allow you to have a clear picture of what to expect once it’s completed.
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