What Size Garage Should I Have Built?

So you have decided to build a new garage but aren’t sure of how large or small this new garage should be. A new garage is an investment. Choosing a size that is too small could result in the need for even more storage or workspace and building a garage that is too large will result in paying for extra space that you don’t need.

You can take these tips into consideration to help you decide how large the garage you are building should be.

How many cars will go into the garage?
If you have two vehicles that you want to park in the newly built garage then you will want to start with a basic two car garage and add space needs from there.

What size are the cars that will go into the garage?
Not all cars are the same size. A Hummer will require considerably more space than a Prius. Also take into consideration any vehicle purchases you will make in the future. Do you plan on trading in that economy car for a larger vehicle in a few years?

How much additional storage space do you need?
Are all of the closets in your home packed full of items that you want to keep but don’t seem to have room for? Is the holiday decoration collection growing larger every year and you are running out of room to store it? A growing family requires growing storage space for things like sports equipment, bicycles and toys.

Do you need any workspace in the garage for projects?
If you need space for a workbench or tools, be sure to allow ample room for you to move around the project that you are working on.

Answer those four questions and it will help you make the best decision on what size garage you should build.