What is the Timeline to Build A Garage?

Before building a garage, it is important to know the timeline or the steps that are taken during the process. This helps to give you an idea of what to expect along the way and limit the number of issues while building.

1. Make a Plan – In order to ensure that the construction of your garage is a success, you will need to carefully plan it out first. You will need to know the size of the garage as well as the location that the garage will be in. You should then plan out all of the details you can think of beforehand. You will then need to determine the amount of lumber and the different tools necessary for building. You will also need to check into your city’s codes and ensure you get the proper building permits.

2. Prepare and Pour the Foundation – Once everything has been planned out, you are ready to prepare for and pour the foundation for your garage. The foundation is one of the most important parts of any building. You need to ensure that the area you are building in is level. If it is not, you will need to add plenty of dirt to ensure you have a level foundation.

3. Framing the Walls – After the foundation has been poured and given the appropriate time to set, you can begin framing the walls. When you are framing the walls, you can either build the walls directly onto the foundation or you can build them laying flat on the ground and then raise them into place once they are built.

4. Framing the Roof – This step is much like framing the walls, so it can be done on the top of the framed walls or built on the ground and lifted into place. Lifting the roof into place will take the necessary equipment. If you do not have this equipment accessible, it would be better to build it directly onto the frame of the walls.

5. Finishing the Garage – All of the walls and roof will need to be sheathed, the roof will need to be shingled, and any windows and doors need to be installed. The exterior walls will need to have siding put on them, along with the soffits and fascia.

Once all of the steps are complete, you will have a garage that is structurally sound and ready for you to put the finishing touches on the inside.