What Costs Are Involved in Building a Salt Lake City Garage?

When you are trying to decide whether or not to have a garage built at your home, there are many factors that come into play.

For example:

Should it be an attached or detached garage? How many vehicles should it accommodate? Should it be cinderblock or vinyl?

No matter what choices you make, hiring a contractor to build a garage can have a variety of costs associated with it that should be taken into consideration prior to finalizing any agreement.

According to the latest home construction statistics, homeowners spends an average of $24,530 to build a garage. If that sounds like a lot to you, don’t worry.

There are many ways to make building your garage affordable, even if you are on a tight budget.

One of the easiest ways to make a garage more affordable is by attaching it to your house. This is the most common method homeowners opt for, since your contractor can use an existing wall.

Another thing that can also lower the cost of your garage is having a driveway already in place, which saves a contractor time and you money.

How big you decide to make your garage can also affect its costs. Whether you want a basic one-car garage or one that holds three vehicles and has extra storage space, knowing what you want from the beginning can help the project go quicker and keep labor costs to a minimum.

Of course, the materials used in building your garage can have arguably the biggest impact on its cost. Basic cinderblock garages are usually the cheapest, while those made of vinyl and built to resemble one’s home can cost more. Other factors that can increase the cost include having high-end flooring installed, having a separate entrance, having a metal roof rather than traditional asphalt shingles and choosing designer doors rather than plain ones.

If you are considering any of these options, talk with your contractor before making a final decision. They can give you many different price quotes based on various materials used, making it easier to determine what you want versus what will fit into your budget.

When it comes to the costs associated with building your garage, they tend to be higher or lower depending on a number of details.

Some people opt to add an extra level to their garage, creating an apartment that can be rented out for extra income. While these types of upgrades can be expensive, the upside is that these renovations will greatly add to the resale value of your home.

So whether you decide on a basic garage or one that’s a bit fancier, careful planning with your contractor can keep costs very manageable.  Of course, Bonfire Building always offers free estimates. Call today to schedule yours. (801) 842-3300