When it comes to your Utah garage project, blueprints are a critical part of the planning process. As any Utah garage builder will tell you, garage blueprints are often necessary to secure building permit requirements. Pre-drawn garage blueprints can provide a base for developing a blueprint for your Utah garage project.

So, what are pre-drawn garage blueprints?

Pre-drawn garage blueprints are specifically designed to meet certain national building codes. As a general rule of thumb, pre-drawn blueprints tend to only include rudimentary outlines and basic information. They will typically include a simple electrical plan with a suggested location for the electrical fixtures, switches, and outlets. They will also include the location of plumbing fixtures, including any toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers.

Why you need the professiLiveinGarageFPonal backing of a garage contractor

Pre-drawn building codes do not necessarily meet specific state, city or county building codes and often don’t include all of the information needed to secure a building permit. Furthermore, pre-drawn garage blueprints often don’t include necessary electrical, plumbing, and HVAC information.

For example, while pre-drawn garage blueprints often include the suggested location for electrical fixtures, it will be up to your local Utah garage builder to ensure that all electrical work is up to all relevant state and local codes.

And while stock plans have the basic location of plumbing fixtures, they generally will not include a detailed plumbing schematic, something that is often necessary to secure relevant building permits. Pre-drawn garage blueprints will also often not contain information pertaining to HVAC systems, as local building codes tend to regulate this.

While pre-drawn garage blueprints can provide a solid starting point for your Utah garage project, enlisting the help of a garage builder such as Bonfire Building, will mean you have the knowledge of a professional and trusted builder to make sure  the details of your blueprint match with a specific end goal.