Utah Garage Plans

Bonfire Builders offers a variety of garage plans to meet your expectations. We design garage plans that will fit your needs and your budget without the hassle other garage builders often cause. If you’re looking for standard garage plans or custom built garages, our experience will create the ideal garage for your home.

Standard Garages

Our standard garage plans include everything you expect out of your garage. Bonfire Builder’s Utah garage plans include one to multiple car garages, complete with flooring, garage doors and more. We offer basic models and many Vinyl models for Salt Lake City garage plans, including customization options.

Garages with Attics

If you’re looking to add even more space to your home, a custom garage with an attic is a perfect solution. Our garage plans include attics for added storage space and even additional living space if you wish to maximize the benefits of your garage. When we design garage plans to include attics, we can even add patios and attached garages with Breezeways.

Garages with a Hip Roof

If you want to break away from the normal Utah garage plans, consider a garage with a hip roof. A hip roof garage plan includes a sloping roof from all sides. Although the angle of the roof can vary depending on the adjoining planes, the opposing sides are typically sloped the same.

Brick, Stucco and Rock Garages

Many home owners worry that adding a new garage will hurt the exterior appearance of their home if the materials don’t match. Our design garage plans will create an appealing exterior to your home. We have many materials to choose from to highlight the exterior of your home, including stucco, brick and rock.

Our custom design garage plans in Salt Lake City can even be mixed and matched to create the garage of your dreams, including two story garages with dormers. Whether you want an attached garage with a Breezeway and an attic, finished off with stucco, our Utah garage plans will fulfill your requirements.

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