If you’re in need of additional living and parking space, building a garage with an apartment loft can be an excellent choice. Building one of these garages is very cost-effective, and is actually much easier than building two separate structures. If you’re considering a garage/apartment combo, here’s what you need to know.

There are numerous benefits to having an apartment over top of your garage, including:

  • Providing additional space for guests, returning college students, etc.
  • Could be rented for additional cash flow
  • Space can be used as a home office, workout center or “man cave”
  • Adds value to your home, and is an excellent selling point for potential buyers to consider
  • Can allow you to have extra living space, even if you have very little land on which to build a room addition

Cost Factors

  • Building an apartment above your garage is likely to increase the cost of your project only slightly.
  • The primary expense will be the additional building materials needed to expand your garage from a single-story to a two-story structure.
  • If your garage apartment requires a separate entrance, there may be an additional cost associated with building stairs along the side of your building as well.

Some things you should consider when planning your garage apartment are:

  • Local zoning ordinances or homeowner association requirements that restrict the type of structure you may build
  • Configuring plumbing and electrical lines into your upper story
  • Including the right amount of insulation in both your garage and apartment to ensure the living space is easy to heat and cool
  • Whether or not additional features such as a balcony or dormer windows are needed to make the apartment seem more homelike
  • If you should increase the size of your garage to allow for additional space downstairs that could be used for storage or laundry facilities

Adding a garage with an apartment overhead is one of the most practical ways to increase the versatility and functionality of your property.

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