Before you even contact a Utah garage builder, you need to decide what type of garage you would like to build. A detached garage plan can be a great option, providing a sturdy structure that offers privacy and security. Although there are advantages to choosing to build a detached garage, you should be aware of the possible drawbacks.

family-and-garages-019PRO: It offers more privacy. Every detached garage boasts four walls, and all openings, including doors and side doors, are secured. This can make a detached garage a private place to store valuables, from expensive lawn equipment to pricey cars, reducing the risk of theft.

PRO: It’s more secure. Those four walls and secure openings also offer more security, keeping small animals, pests, and other people out of your garage. It also keeps the weather elements, including sun, hail, wind, and rain, out of the garage, which can be especially advantageous when you want to shield your car from weather conditions.

PRO: It offers more storage space. A detached garage can be an excellent storage space. Wall spaces can easily be fitted with hooks and racks to hold everything from bikes to leaf rakes to sporting equipment. Cabinets and shelves can be used to store tools, outdoor toys, and garden supplies, while loft spaces above the garage can provide the perfect space for seasonal storage.

CON: It’s cost efficient.  Garages that are attached to a home have significantly more regulatory barriers to overcome, and therefor are more expensive. If your primary goal is keeping your car and valuables safe, then a detached garage is a more cost effective option. For a comprehensive estimate, you will want to contact a Utah garage builder or contractor.

CON: You will likely need a building permit. Because detached garages are standalone structures, it is likely you will need a building permit in order to ensure that the structure adheres to local building codes and regulations. You may also need to schedule building inspections throughout the construction process to make sure everything is up to code. This can make the planning and construction process lengthier. For more information, be sure to check with a contractor who has experience with custom garage builds in Utah, like Bonfire Building.

The Pros can outweigh the Cons when deciding to build a detached garage. However, it is important to know the facts and get a fair estimate upfront, so you can see the bigger picture. For more information and a consultation, contact Bonfire Building today!