The sun is shining, the snow has melted, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Everyone is eager to get outside and enjoy the nice weather, which means it’s time to spruce up your yard—and your driveway. Take a look at these tips to get your driveway ready for spring.

  • Take care of the surrounding grass and landscaping. If you’ve been plowing or shoveling your driveway all summer, you may have torn up some of the grass and landscaping around the edges of the driveway. If you need to, replant any grass that has been ripped up and repair any landscaping. Then give your grass a cut and trim any shrubs, bushes, or flowers in your front yard landscape.
  • Sweep your driveway and give it a good power wash. Even though the snow has melted, your driveway is probably covered in winter’s residual salt, dirt, and debris. Sweep it off and then give it a good power washing. If you have any major cracks, you might want to call in a Utah garage builder for some repair help.
  • Spray cracks to prevent weed and grass growth. Nothing is worse than weeds and grass popping up through the cracks of your driveway’s pavement. You can just pull these out as they grow, of course, but it tends to be much easier to just kill weeds with weed killer spray. Alternatively, you can use white vinegar, as the acetic acid in it will kill most plants, including weeds and grass, in just a day or so. But be sure to keep it far away from your lawn and garden, however.
  • Keep the ants at bay with insecticide. While pavement ants aren’t a risk to your health or safety, they can be a major nuisance, especially for kids that are enjoying play or drawing with chalk on the driveway. Luckily, with a bit of insecticide you can keep the ants off your driveway. Ideally, you will want to mark each colony ahead of time, so you can locate it later. Then at night, when the ants are less active, treat the colonies with insecticide. You may need to do this weekly until the ants are gone. Make sure to keep children away from any treated areas for at least 24 hrs.
  • Add some potted plants. Now that your driveway is in truly immaculate condition, add some extra aesthetic appeal with some potted plants. These can be an especially great addition for the walkway between your driveway and your front door.

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