From nice cars to fancy lawnmowers and expensive power tools, your garage could likely seem like a goldmine to a potential burglar.

Even worse, many burglars use the garage as a point of entry to access the home. FBI burglary statistics reveal that over two-thirds of home burglaries occur by forcing in the garage door or the front or back service door.

Luckily, the vast majority of garage burglaries can be prevented. Secure your garage, its contents, and your home by taking these five easy steps.

  1. Salt Lake City Garage Security LightsInstall motion-detector lights around the perimeter. If someone is sneaking around the garage in the dark and a couple of bright lights go on, he or she more likely than not will get out of there pretty quickly to avoid getting caught. Motion-detector lights are one of the easiest ways to secure your garage.
  2. Reinforce the service door. Make sure that thieves can’t get into your garage through the service door. It really isn’t that difficult to kick through a door with old hardware, even if that door is locked. Typically, it can be done in a couple of kicks and a few seconds. To reinforce your garage service door, upgrade the deadbolt and lockset plates if you haven’t done so recently. Ideally, you will want to use a quality Grade 1 deadbolt.
  3. Secure the overhead door when on vacation. Overhead garage doors simply aren’t secure on their own. They can impede access to a garage, but they can’t completely prevent it. There is a variety of ways to breach an overhead garage door without making much noise or drawing much attention. Anytime you leave your house for an extended period, you will want to secure the overhead door to prevent breaches.
    The tie-and-wrap trick is a great way to do this. Just thread a plastic zip tie through the emergency release latch, as this will help to prevent a hanger from opening the garage door. However, don’t tie the zip tie so tightly that you wouldn’t be able to bust it open in an emergency.
  4. Invest in a keychain remote. If you have a garage door remote clipped to your visor, it’s time for an upgrade. If a thief breaks into your car and steals the remote, he or she has an easy way to gain access to your home. Your best bet is to get a keychain remote opener that you can leave attached to your keys.
  5. Frost or cover your garage windows. If intruders can’t see what’s in your garage, they are much less likely to break into it. Either frost your garage and garage door windows or invest in some kind of covering. Whenever possible, install doors that don’t have any windows.

When it comes to garage burglaries, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Just by taking these five easy steps to secure your garage, you can help to keep your home and your belongings safe.

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