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Before moving forward with your garage project, make sure you have all of the information you need. If you want to find out more about Garage Building in Salt Lake City, check out the following list of Frequently Asked Questions. And remember, Bonfire Building is here to answer any other questions you may have.

Do I need a building permit?

Yes, you need a permit in order to build your garage. City planning legislation has specific requirements you have to meet, in terms of size of construction, distance from neighboring properties and so on. Without the necessary permits you will not be able to kick off your project. As an experienced Salt Lake City Garage Building company, we can offer you complete services in order to make your garage building experience hassle free. This includes getting all of the necessary construction permits.

Do you only build garages?

No, Bonfire Building also specializes in building barns, shops, agricultural buildings and other types of storage spaces. We also provide demolition and leveling services, and we build footings and foundations. You can also count on us for that new driveway leading to your garage!

How much will a garage cost me?

Check out our Prices page for more details about our tariffs and to see some photos of our work. The final price largely depends on what kind of construction you choose and what additional services you need. The best way of getting a clearer idea about how much Garage Building in Salt Lake City costs is to contact us for a free estimate.

Can I get a custom garage, designed as I want it?

Yes, our Prices page also includes a gallery of custom garages built for various customers and how much they cost. The list can help you understand what expenses to expect when building a customized space, but keep in mind that the final price will depend on what you want. Our company will work closely with you in developing your dream garage, designing it according to your exact wishes. We can build you a garage with a breezeway, patio and even an attic, making it ideal for use as an extra room, besides for storage space.

What construction type should I choose?

We offer wood frame, masonry, pole construction and steel buildings. Each of these types has its own benefits, but we will be able to make a clear recommendation only after learning more about your garage plans and expectations.

What kind of roof is best for my garage?

When choosing your garage roof type, you should take into consideration the local weather conditions, but also the look of your house. We recommend going for a gable, hip or gambrel roof, preferably in the same style and color as your house’s roof.

Why should I choose you?

Because we are a reliable home-owned family business. We have been dealing with Salt Lake City Garage Building for over 20 years and we can make sure that your project will be handled in a cost-efficient, timely and highly professional manner. Check out our authentic testimonials to see what our customers have to say about us. As an award-winning Utah garage builder, we are working incessantly to maintain our impeccable reputation and offer clients a one-on-one business relationship and the best home improvement experience.