Did you know that even a crack as small as an eighth of an inch around your garage door can let in as much cold air as leaving a window halfway open all winter? Hopefully you’ve chosen the right door for Utah’s cool climate, but even insulated doors have room for improvement. The bottom line is that even small, seemingly insignificant cracks can let a substantial amount of air into Salt Lake City garages. This is obviously a problem, as a cold garage can often mean a colder house, which in turn drives up your heating costs.

So how can you keep cold air out of your Salt Lake City garage this winter?

To keep your house warm and your heating bill low, be sure to keep the following tips and tricks in mind.

Install a door sweepDoor sweep keeps cold air from your Salt Lake City garage out of the house

For any door that you use to enter your garage, be sure to install a door sweep along the bottom to block out any cold air. You will also want to block off the perimeter of doors to prevent any cold air from seeping through, using long pieces of weather stripping.

Lock and seal your windows

You always want to lock your windows in the wintertime, especially if you have double-hung windows, as this ensures that you seal the gap between the two different parts of the window and prevent air from penetrating. Keep in mind that you can also use a foam-rubber backer rod to fill any sizeable gaps where the lower sash meets the sill, in order to further seal off the windows. And if you know you won’t be opening the windows in your Salt Lake City garage until spring, you could even seal them shut with temporary caulking.

Fill in any gaps around wall penetrations

In order to fill in any kinds of gaps around wall penetrations in your Salt Lake City garage, your best bet is to use minimal-expanding foam. This will keep things warm and dry all winter long.

Follow these steps to ensure your garage isn’t making your house colder in this chilly Utah weather and remember that Spring will be here before you know it!