If your shed is overflowing with boxes or you need a place to store your brand-new boat and are struggling to find the space to meet all of your storage needs, you might want to consider building a pole garage. Bonfire Building specializes in custom techniques like the pole garage, which is a simplified way of putting up a four-walled structure. Pole framing makes use of large poles to provide vertical structural support and girts for horizontal support.

d3b0b420baccca9ad952737a3af8b0cbIf you’re interested in building a pole garage, you can always contact a qualified Utah garage builder, but you should first know the facts:

Size it wisely. When deciding what type of garage to build, it is important to know how much space you will need now and in the future. A pole garage can often be large enough to accommodate all of your storage needs. Always plan to accommodate the largest item you may hope to store one day when determining the pole garage dimensions.

Consider roofing options. Many buildings constructed using the pole framing technique have steel roofs. However, it should be noted that this might not be the best or most attractive option for a garage, especially one in a suburban environment. Instead, you might want to go for shingles that match the roof of your house, as you want the garage to blend in with its surroundings.

Don’t forget about ventilation and insulation. Windows and doors provide important ventilation. Insulation is necessary to keep your garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer, especially if you plan to install heat and air-conditioning. Remember, if you plan on heating and cooling, make sure to insulate doors and windows, as well as the walls. Flush wall insulation can be especially great for pole garages, so long as you ensure that the trusses are designed well enough to support the weight of the insulation and the drywall if used on the ceiling.

A pole garage can be a great option, especially with the help of a professional Utah garage builder, like Bonfire Building – they can walk you through the steps needed to obtain a beautiful and functional finished product.