Now that the snow is starting to melt and the ground is starting to thaw, it’s time to pack up and put away all of your favorite snow gear. From skis and snowboards to snow blowers and shovels, it’s important to take the time to properly prepare everything for storage throughout the spring and summer, and then carefully pack it away.

Wondering how to properly pack and store your snow gear?

Be sure to keep the following tips and tricks in mind.

Make sure everything is completely dry

Before you pack away your snow gear in your garage, make sure that everything is completely dry. If you pack away gear with snow or moisture still on it, this will cause corrosion. And remember, you always want to store gear in a dry place in your garage. If you notice any leaks or flooding, get in touch with Salt Lake City garage builder, Bonfire Building so we can make the necessary repairs.

Wax the bases on your skis and snowboards

Before you throw your skis and snowboards into storage, make sure you take some time to wax the bases. Ideally, you want to use an all-temperature or a softer warm-weather wax in order to protect the gear from oxidation. Generously apply the wax, especially around the edges, in order to keep rust away.

salt lake city garage storage for your skis

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Keep gear away from the garage corners

The problem with garage corners is that the temperatures tend to fluctuate more, and this can do damage to your gear. You’re better off storing your gear up against a wall or in the rafters, where temperatures are more stable.

Don’t have a place to put all of your snow gear? No worries—spring is the ideal time to build a garage. Get in touch with the best garage builder in Salt Lake City, Bonfire Building, to learn more about your garage building options.