Hopefully you’ve taken the time to winterize your garage this winter by sealing your windows, installing door sweeps, and filling in any gaps that might be lurking around wall penetrations with foam to keep your garage nice and warm and your heating bills low. However, as any Utah garage builder will tell you, a warm garage will inevitably attract animals in search of a cozy place to pass cold nights. So, how can you keep critters out of your garage this winter?

Be sure to keep the following tips in mind.

Fill in cracks, gaps, and holes

The easiest way to keep animals out of your garage is to close off any possible points of entry. That means sealing off any gaps or cracks in the foundation, around pipes, or near wires that might provide a point of entry. If you need help filling in these cracks, gaps, or holes, your best bet is to contact a Utah garage builder.

Don’t store food in your garage

Small animals, especially mice, are attracted to the smell of food. If you have food in your garage that is easily accessible, it will inevitably attract unwanted guests. Your best bet is to avoid storing food of any kind in your garage. However, if it is absolutely necessary, make sure that you store things in sturdy plastic or glass containers with airtight lids.

Secure your trash

Many people opt to keep their trash in their garage. However, trash can be a potential food source for rodents. The key is to make sure the trash is always sealed and secured.

Keep things clean

Don’t leave crumbs or garbage scattered around your garage. Always keep things clean by sweeping floors and cleaning off any surfaces that might have food particles.  We all get busy. Use our handy garage maintenance checklist to stay on top of it.

Ultimately, animals are looking for shelter, food, and water in your garage. If they can’t find this in your garage, they won’t want to stay.