Bonfire Building Corp would like to do your project. Here is a list of crucial items to be considered while accepting bids:

  • Do your Homework: Check the state website and make sure contractors license number matches the registered business name. (Dishonest builders “borrow” license numbers from friends, therefore all project warrantees are void.)
  • Always get 3 to 5 Bids: The cheapest bid is usually the one that ends up costing the most, so the midrange bid is usually the best choice.
  • Check References: Ask for the phone numbers for recent references and actually speak to them about how the project went.
  • Get it in Writing: Even when working with friends and neighbors, a detailed contract will avoid damaged relationships.
  • Down Payment: Never give more than 10% down payment to start. It is unrealistic for builders to expect more than 10% to schedule work.
  • Lien Releases: Require lien releases from builders to expect more than 10% to schedule work.
  • Compare Materials: “Apples to apples”, make sure all bidders are using comparable products such as exterior siding, shingles, concrete mix, etc…

At Bonfire Building Corp. we practice trade ethics standard on every job; our competitors do not.


  1. Select Fill & Compaction Beneath all Concrete Poured.
  2. 6 bag mix, & #4 Rebar Dowels 24” O.C.
  3. Ledge Form Mono Pour (Sloped Floor)
  4. Premium Grand Siding with Moisture Barrier.
  5. Adequate Roof Ventilation: Ridge & Cable Vents
  6. No Grout Pumps (50/50 mix only)
  7. Lifetime Architectural Shingles

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