Garage Contractor Utah


Do you have too many vehicles and not enough enclosed storage? Thinking of building a garage on your property, but aren’t sure about the best building method or whether you’ll meet building codes in your area? You may want to consider hiring a garage contractor Utah for your storage and out-building needs.
Bonfire Building, a garage contractor Utah company, has developed a unique building style that takes only the best attributes or more traditional garage building aspects. Bonfire Building’s competitors don’t know how to build in the same manner, so it’s important for you to consider what type of building you’d like to construct on your property.


Garage Contractor Utah Bonfire Building Has the Edge in Garage Building

To understand what makes garage contractor Utah Bonfire Building different, you have to understand the different garage building methods mose people use. Most people build wood-frame or stick-frame garages, shops, barns, etc.
• A foundation or monolithic footing is used and walls are constructed with stud spacing either 24” or 16” on center. With traditional construction, the exterior of the building can be finished with whatever the client desires (such as vinyl siding, stucco, tongue and groove, hardy-board, brock, or stone). The new garage or shop can be built to match the existing home on the property and also can easily be finished inside with sheet rock, insulation, moldings, etc. either at a later date or with the building contract. Detached garages are not required to have interior finish to pass the final inspection.
• Wood-frame or traditional garages are also easier to “customize” and change architectural features such as loft rooms (attic rooms), L-shaped buildings, patio additions, taller ceilings (RV buildings), etc. Loft rooms or attic rooms are very cost-effective and Bonfire Building has built many of these in neighborhoods with smaller yards as a garage contractor Utah. The “room area” is built into the truss rafters and the flooring is installed during construction. Loft rooms are “cheap space” and definitely the most “bang for your buck”.
• These are the 2 most common options found in the state, but after nearly 2,000 garages constructed, garage contractor Utah Bonfire Building came up with a 3rd option – ledge form mono footing:
1. Form ledge walls.
2. Pour mono-footing.
3. Build out.
With this method, Bonfire Building can get a sloped floor, curb-wall to protect lumber, and typically save the customer $2,500-$5,000 on the build. The ledge form mono-pour has become Bonfire’s trademark. Again, their competitors can’t do it because they don’t know how.
If you’re investigating your options for a garage contractor Utah to design and build a structure on your property, look no further than Bonfire Building and their proprietary ledge form mono-pour building design. Visit