Garage Construction Utah

Sure, contractors are a dime a dozen, especially when you add into the mix all of the “Joe Handyman’s” and their pickup trucks full of miscellaneous parts, but just as is the case with any other contractor, you get what you pay for.

That said, there are reputable, established garage construction Utah businesses out there who seek to create value for their customers rather than just simply making a buck.

One such garage construction Utah business is Bonfire Building, which has won awards and constructed garages throughout Utah. Bonfire Building is a locally owned family business operating in the heart of Utah. Owner Brandon Bateman has over 20 years’ experience in garage construction Utah. As an award-winning Utah garage builder, Bateman and the Bonfire team guarantee customers will love their new garages and other out-buildings.

Award Winning Garage Construction Utah Business Bonfire Building Gets Customers the Garages They Want

As part of Bonfire Building’s customer service, when you select a garage you want, that’s all you have to do: Bonfire submits permitting paperwork and takes care of all necessary requirements with Utah and local building codes.

Prior to contracting a garage construction Utah firm, though, you should ask several questions. The Bonfire Building crew wants you to make sure the contracting business you go with has the track record to stick with you before, during, and after construction:

1. Is the builder licensed?
2. Does the builder carry insurance?
3. How long has the builder been in business?

In as much as they are many different garage construction Utah businesses to hire, there are few that compare to the service and satisfaction upon completion of your garage that you will find other than Bonfire Building. Check them out today online at, where you can research projects they’ve done, peruse construction possibilities, and get a free estimate tailored to your specific requirements.