Building onto your home can be both stressful and overwhelming. Luckily, we’re professional Salt Lake City Garage Contractors who can make it a bit easier for you with five tips from the pros.

Whether you’re adding a deck to your roof or planning on putting up a storage shed in your backyard, be sure to remember these garage contractor tips:

  • Check to see if you need permission or approval. Depending on what you are building, you may need permission or approval. Always check local rules and regulations, including that of a Home Owners Association (HOA).
  • Choose a good contractor. If you’re planning on building a garage, do some research and choose a reputable and experienced Utah garage contractor. If you’re building a roof deck, ask the questions such as: What materials do you use? How long have you been in business? Can I see examples of past projects? (The key is always to ask a potential Utah garage contractor for references as well as quotes so you can inquire with previous customers about their experiences).
  • Don’t delay decisions. As any Utah garage or general contractor will tell you, it’s best never to delay decisions — no matter how small, the longer you wait to make decisions, the more chance for delay on your project.
  • Get a written contract. When hiring a Utah contractor, you always want to have a written contract. This helps protect you in case the contractor fails to do what he or she committed to do. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!
  • Try not to change your mind too often. OK, you’re only human. We all change our minds. Any contractor will tell you that this can affect the timeline of your project. If you change your mind too much, that home addition or new garage will take much longer to be constructed — and will cost you in the end.

Choosing a qualified Utah based contractor, planning ahead, and making decisions early will help your project go smoothly! And informed customers feel satisfied with the end result, making them customers for life.