A finished garage Utah is an excellent way to add living space to your home. So, how can you turn your garage into the perfect entertainment space? Let’s take a look.

Add blocking and frames. Most rough-frame garages aren’t ready for drywall, as they lack blocking and frames. So before you can put up any drywall, you will need to take care of this. While you are adding blocking and frames, you may also want to add other structural elements to the garage frame, such as adding blocking between studs for shelving, adding in windows or skylights, and nailing blocking between ceiling trusses in order to cord reels or lights. Of course, this will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Reroute wiring and add outlets. If you’re planning to use your garage as an entertainment space, you are definitely going to need outlets for lighting and other electronics. The good news is that the majority of unfinished garages already have the bare minimum in terms of wiring and outlets, so you will likely just need to add to existing infrastructure.

Ventilate and insulate. If you’re planning to use your garage as entertainment space, you are going to need ventilation and insulation to keep it nice and warm in the winter and breezy and cool in the summer. In terms of ventilation, you will generally want about one square foot of vent opening per every 300 square feet. In terms of insulation, you will want to start by insulating the walls and ceiling. Once you’ve got that done, you can blow insulation into the attic.

Weather-strip doors and windows. You’ve taken the time to ventilate and insulate, so you will also want to take the time to weather-strip all doors and windows to prevent drafts from passing through and keep your heating and cooling costs down.

Add drywall. Last but not least, it’s time to add drywall and completely finish off your garage.

Remember, if you aren’t up for a DIY project, you can always solicit the help of Utah garage builder or Utah garage contractor when transforming your garage from storage space to entertaining space. A Utah garage builder or Utah garage contractor can save you time and hassle when it comes to finished garages in Utah, helping you to build the space you’ve always dreamed of.