Picking out the perfect garage door is an important step in completing your new or updated garage. Garage doors will ideally be attractive, yet functional, and able to withstand Utah’s tough winters.

When looking for the right garage door, consider these factors:


The material you choose is crucial to the performance and life span of your door, and prices will reflect that accordingly.

When considering style, real wood garage doors are some of the best looking available, but they require painting and staining every few years.

If you love the wooden look but not the hassle of regular maintenance, consider a fiberglass door. Fiberglass is designed to look like natural wood but combined with the durable strength of steel construction.

Garage doors made from aluminum or glass offer a modern, sleek look without the added maintenance. The upside to aluminum doors is the variety in framing, which comes in many colors and finishes, with a wide array of glass options, from clear to tinted to obscure. The tinted or obscure glass options are nice to have, as they can prevent someone from peering into your garage.

A more traditional material for garage doors is steel, which offers a reinforced door and very rarely need cleaning or maintenance.  It’s tried and true, and can withstand our harsh winter weather.

Dealing With Climates

Not all garage doors are ideal for every climate. This is especially true for those searching for a new garage door who live in locations with cold, snowy winters like Salt Lake City. Certain garage doors handle the wear and tear of extreme colds and ice better than others.

When searching for a suitable door to withstand the winter, steel doors are the most sensible investment. They will take the beating of the harsh cold without being any worse for the wear.

Wood doors require a high level of maintenance in wintry climates, with new paint and varnish needed regularly, while aluminum doors oftentimes don’t offer enough insulation to protect against the cold.


Once a door and window material is picked out, it’s time to choose the design. Opt for a simple, classic look, or make a statement with eye-catching design and color. Garage doors can feature a variety of looks, from barn style to traditional. They can be trimmed and painted to perfectly compliment your home’s design, turning the heads of all who drive by.