When it comes to Utah garage building, to maximize the value of your home and the potential of your garage, don’t just focus on what’s at ground level.

Think up.

Adding an over-the-garage bedroom addition is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add valuable bedroom space to your home. According to Zillow, adding another bedroom to your home can increase your home’s value substantially. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, each additional bedroom added to your home will add approximately 4 percent to the value of your home. Add a master suite with a bedroom and bathroom, and you could boost your home’s value by up to a staggering 20 percent. But finding the space to add an extra bedroom can be tricky, especially when dealing with restrictions like a small lot or strict zoning laws. That’s why building up is such an ideal option.

What should you consider when adding an over-the-garage bedroom? Be sure to keep the following in mind.

Build for safety. In order to making the most out of your bedroom addition, you need to make sure the space is safe. There are additional safety considerations to keep in mind when building anything over your garage. You will need a thick fire-rated drywall on the garage ceilings and walls on all above-the-garage additions for fire safety, as well as added insulation. Utah garage builders, Bonfire Building, can walk you through all of the relevant safety points.

Think from the outside in. The key to maximizing the value of your bedroom addition is give careful consideration to the aesthetics of the project. Remember, over-the-garage additions will almost always have a substantial impact on curb appeal, as they usually face the street and tend to be large (the average two-car Salt Lake city garage is typically 24 x 24, or bigger). You want the addition to blend in seamlessly with the overall look of your home, which means matching paint and siding, adding façade details to break up large swaths of siding, and matching windows and gables to your home’s exterior style. The better your addition looks from the outside, the more value it will add to your home.

Don’t forget to insulate! While building a bedroom over an unheated garage does pose some challenges, it doesn’t mean that the bedroom will be an icebox in the winter. The key is proper insulation. Bonfire Building’s experienced contractors can help you to deal with insulation concerns for your garage. As a general rule of thumb, you will want to insulate the voids between the garage ceiling and the bedroom floor and add insulation to any garage walls that are unfinished.

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