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Spring is just around the corner in Utah, which means one thing: spring cleaning. As you’re coordinating your cleaning-plan-of-attack this spring, plotting out how you’ll tackle dirty windows, cluttered closets, and dusty shelves, don’t forget that your garage may also need a bit of TLC. Here’s what you should know when it comes time to clean your garage this spring.

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Assess the situation.

Most of us tend to mindlessly store things in the garage without thinking too much about why they are there or whether we truly need them. This spring, get rid of that “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. Pull everything out of the garage and assess the situation. Then, toss out the stuff you no longer need or use. Make sure to have some heavy-duty garbage bags on hand. If you have toxic waste, such as old mower gas or old car batteries, make sure that you dispose of them in a way that is responsible. For guidance, you can always visit Once you know what you’re throwing away, box and label the things you plan to keep.

Clean, clean, clean.

Once you’ve sorted out the items you want to keep from the items you are going to toss, clean you garage from top to bottom before you put anything back in it. Scrub the floors, dust the shelves, and wash the windows. The goal here is to get your garage sparkling clean.


Now that your garage is clean and de-cluttered, it’s time to develop an organizational system. First and foremost, designate an area for things that you need to access on a regular basis, such as yard tools, to ensure easy access. Add some pegboard on the wall to hang tools and some metal reels to keep hoses and cords organized. You can store seasonal items that you only need to access from time to time underneath a workbench or up in the rafters to avoid clutter.

All in all, a garage is a great place for storage. If you don’t have a garage, spring is the best time to consider getting one, as the conditions for building are optimal. For more information get in touch with a Salt Lake City garage builder today.

Now that your garage is clean, it’s time to invest in some organizers to ensure that your garage is orderly. To maximize organization, take a look at these organization tips and tricks for Utah garages.


Create sections. The easiest way to organize items in your garage is by functionality. Put yard tools together, gather car maintenance supplies, and pile up sports equipment. When establishing sections, be sure to consider how often you use the components in each section. You probably only use camping supplies when you’re going on a camping trip, so it makes sense to store them in the rafters or somewhere out of reach. But when it comes to items you use several times a week, it makes sense to put them in a more accessible place. The key is to create sections strategically.


Invest in organizers. To properly organize your garage, you need to have the right organizers. Purchase bike racks for your bicycles, bins for bats, balls, and toys, crates for tools and gloves, and wall hanging storage for extension cords, sports equipment, and yard tools. The key to maintaining an orderly Salt Lake City garage is maximizing the space you have available, and that means putting organizers on the walls and the periphery.


Don’t forget to label! If you have a garage full of boxes and bins, that’s great; but if you haven’t labeled them you won’t be able to find anything. Once you’ve invested in organizers for your Utah garage, don’t forget to label bins, buckets and crates for easy accessibility.


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