A garage is normally used to store vehicles, bikes, yard supplies, and tools. When that exterior door goes up, neighbors are given a view of just how organized, or disorganized, you are.

Wow them with these 5 simple tricks that will make your garage look amazingly neat and clean.

  1. Pegboard can transform your garage into a backdrop for hanging shelves, large hooks for lawn care tools, and small hooks for miscellaneous items. Line an entire wall or just enough space to serve your purpose.
  2. Nails, bolts, and screws are easier to find when hung at eye level in glass jars. Use a shelf bottom or cabinet bottom and screw a lid top to the surface. Simply find what you need, unscrew the secured lid and remove the pieces. Jars are accessible and you can find what you need quickly.
  3. Paper towel holders provide the perfect solution for hanging lawn and leaf bags, small garbage bags for car clean outs and shop towels. Place vertically just outside the interior door and never have to search for them again.
  4. Freestanding wardrobes are perfect for hiding gardening supplies, sports equipment and outdoor gear. They are available in metal, wood or plastic to match any decor.
  5. Make your garage floor sparkle without renting a concrete scrubber or power washer. Simply mix 3 parts baking soda with 2 parts bleach and mop it on the floor. A little bit of agitation with a brush or rotary carpet cleaner will loosen that oil and dirt and make your garage smell amazingly clean. Use your garden hose to wash away the grime.

These suggestions can keep your garage looking fresh and get your supplies out of the way so parking vehicles doesn’t turn into an game of Tetris.