Garages are much more than just a place to park the car. Increasingly, garages are functioning as multi-utility spaces, giving you valuable extra living space. To maximize the potential of your garage, it’s wise to add extra plumbing and electric during the building or remodeling process.

Let’s take a look at four major advantages of extra plumbing and electric in your garage.

  1. You can build an extra bathroom. Why take away valuable living space in your home for an extra bathroom when you could just as easily construct one in the garage? Even if you don’t feel you need a full bathroom in the garage, many homeowners find that an all-purpose utility sink by the entryway is a huge convenience, serving as an ideal pet bathing station and a great place for messy kids to wash up before traipsing through the house after they’ve been tumbling around in the grass.Keep in mind that retrofitting your garage for plumbing is challenging, as you will need to run water lines, connect drain lines, and add shutoff valves. All in all, it is a job best left up to a professional. Therefore, it is far easier to add the extra plumbing during the building or remodeling process.
  2. It’s a great place to keep your water heater. With extra plumbing and electric, you can easily place your water heater in your garage. This is an especially smart option if you don’t have a basement, providing a safe and discreet yet easily accessible location.
  3. It can double as a laundry room. Moving your washer and dryer to your garage can free up valuable living space in your home. However, if you’re planning to move your laundry appliances to the garage following a build or remodel, make sure that the garage is equipped with a drain line, a basin to handle overflow, and a floor drain.
  4. You could even transform your garage into an entertainment space. With extra plumbing and electric, you have everything you need to convert your garage into the perfect multifunctional entertainment space. Go ahead and plug in the big-screen TV, the treadmill, and the refrigerator. And with extra plumbing, you can even throw a wet bar into the mix!