These days, garages are much more than just a place to store a car. From man caves to home gyms, homeowners are coming up with unique and creative ways to put the space in their garage to great use. Looking for a bit of inspiration as you design your new Salt Lake City garage? Take a look at the hottest trends in garage design for 2015.

  1. Garage doors as statement pieces. More and more homeowners are using their garage doors as a template to make a bold aesthetic statement. Popular options include hardwood garage doors with a unique wood grain, flush steel, bronze, aluminum, and glass.
  2. Increased automation. The modern home is increasingly relying on automation, from automated HVAC units that allow you to preset a temperature for a specific time to appliances that automatically start and shut off. These days, homeowners are taking automation in their garages to the next level. It is now possible to control your garage door from your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, manufacturers offer controls for alarm systems, garage lighting systems, and sound systems with mobile devices. What could be easier?
  3. Eco-friendly construction materials. As Salt Lake City garages are more commonly used as an extension of home living place, as opposed to just a place to park the car, homeowners are increasingly equipping them with HVAC. However, heating and cooling that extra couple hundred square feet can do some damage to that monthly electric bill. As a result, homeowners are looking to construct eco-friendly garages that will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Polyurethane foam insulation and insulated garage doors are two common options.
  4. Textured floors. As Salt Lake City garages become important living space, homeowners are spending more on finishes, including flooring. If you are planning to use your garage as additional living space, textured floors can be an excellent way to hide the dirt while creating a unique look.
  5. Improved storage. Forget about shoving things into the crawlspace below the rafters. These days, maximizing the functionality of your garage is all about high-tech, advanced storage. Think pullout drawers, baskets, and specialty racks and hooks for things like bicycles, gardening tools, fitness gear, and sports equipment.